PAR 36
3201 YARDS

Hole Nine

  • Par 
  • 387
Hole Eight
Rob McGuirk, Director of Golf: "This is one of my favourite holes on the course, as the tee shot from the championship tee is extremely daunting since you can only see the right hand side of the fairway. I then tend to favour the left side of the green with my approach shot as the ball will feed back to the middle of the green. If you hit the ball too far left the deep Sarazen bunker snaps up the approach shot which makes it virtually impossible to make par".

Pro’s Tip

“Aim 20 yards left of the bunkers you can see with the tee shot. This will leave a pleasant shot into the green but avoid the deep Sarazen bunker. It’s a long green but a good opportunity."

Rob McGuirk

Director of Golf at Prince's Golf Club

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