Hole Nine

  • Par 


  • 426

Hole Eight

Tough Finish to the nine. A drive towards the bunkers sets you up for a good line into the green. At the left of the approach to the green is the prestigous Bunker which was opened by Padarig Harrington in 2011. If your ball is swallowed up by this bunker its a very tough recovery.

Pro’s Tip

“One of the best holes on the course has become even tougher with the recent changes. New tee boxes have extended the hole and two new bunkers either side of the fairway are almost guaranteed to force you to have to play sideways. Tee shots on the right side of the fairway leave the perfect angle to approach the green and best chance to avoid the giant ‘Sarazen Bunker’ short left of the green. Another extremely long green means distance control is paramount to secure a well-earned par."

Rob McGuirk

Director of Golf at Prince's Golf Club

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