Hole Three

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  • 381

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Our third hole is where Laddie Lucas one of most famous members forced landed his spitfire usually plays into the prevailing wind. Care must be taken with the tee shot with bunkers left and a wetland to the right. The second shot to a large double green requires distance control otherwise the player will be left with a lengthy putt. If you miss the green right or left it is virtually impossible to get up and down.

Pro’s Tip

“Players are greeted on their way to the tee by a spitfire propeller, commemorating Laddie Lucas who force-landed his spitfire on this hole during WWI. This hole plays into the prevailing wind and forces players to hit an accurate tee shot. The smart play is to favour the right hand side of the fairway, with a club that won’t reach the wetland. When approaching the large double green, distance control is key to avoid leaving a lengthy putt. Wayward shots left or right of the green will leave near impossible up and downs."

Rob McGuirk

Director of Golf at Prince's Golf Club

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