Hole Two

  • Par 


  • 577

Hole One Hole Three

This par five which snakes from right to left calls for a draw off the tee. The lone fir is the ideal line but the longer hitters can take on the wetlands which will give them the opportunity to reach the green in two. An accurate second shot preferably favouring the right side of the fairway leaves short second shot to a large green which slopes gently from right to left.

Pro’s Tip

“A fearsome par 5 when played into the wind, short hitters must play right of the wetlands by aiming their tee shots at the lone pine tree. Longer hitters can try to carry the wetlands in order to reach the green in 2. A narrow lay-up area awaits players unable to reach the green in 2, with the two deep bunkers on the left crucial to avoid. Players must take into account the green sloping from back to front."

Rob McGuirk

Director of Golf at Prince's Golf Club

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