PAR 36
3432 YARDS

Hole Four

  • Par 
  • 417
Hole Three Hole Five
This hole is rated stroke index one and lives up to its reputation. The tee shot should be aimed at the bunker in the middle of the fairway, however the second shot to this hole is semi blind and often on uneven ground. Take one more club to this green as the second shot plays slightly uphill and is a lot longer than it feels. The green is surrounded by two large bunkers at the front and a wayward ball will run off from all sides. Hitting this green in two will boost the confidence of any player.

Pro’s Tip

“Open the shoulders on this hole it’s the second shot you have to be careful as it’s blind. Take an extra club to avoid the bunkers at the front of the green."

Rob McGuirk

Director of Golf at Prince's Golf Club

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