Golf Lessons

Princes offers a wide range of lessons to cater for each individual group. All of our coaching is customized for your needs and will be conducted by a PGA Professional.

Private one on one lessons focus directly on improving your game and give you relevant information to take away with you from Princes. Trackman Specialist lessons can be booked and will be delivered by a PGA Professional.

Chris Wainwright also offers Internet Golf Lessons @ £25

Lesson Prices are as below:

ANt Tarchetti
Director of Golf
Chris wainwright
PGA Professional
Half Hour Individual Lesson £30 £38
40 min Video Lesson £45
6 Half Hour Individual Lessons £160 £300 (5 x 50 mins) (members discount avail.)
9 Hole Playing Lesson inc green fee £140 £120
Trackman Session (1 hour) £70
Trackman Fitting £35 £35

Group Sessions

This can be a company day clinic or a warm up links session.

Playing Lessons

A playing lesson can be the ideal way to be shown around Princes and learn a range of shots to help you get around The Championship Links.

Trackman Session

We are very lucky to have the best launch monitor technology in the game of golf. Trackman is the best Technology money can buy and will give you information from spin rate to attack angle. Your PGA Professional will give and take you through all the information and also you will receive a follow up email about your session.

Junior Golf

Princes is dedicated to growing the game of golf and truly believes this starts with introducing as many children as possible into the game. Once we have given them the skills to play, we work with golfing partners to progress their golfing skills.

This pathway will allow them to progress into playing golf at club level. Ultimately, it is their choice how great a golfer they wish to become.

All we aim to do is to provide the support and direction they need:

  • School Clubs
  • Holiday Camps
  • Individual Lessons
  • Junior Group Sessions

We also run a Saturday Junior Coaching program for all ages and only costs £5 per child per hour. This session will be taken by a PGA Professional on site and runs from 1100 – 1200.